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Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby A's Pinkalicious 1st Birthday Party!

I had been planning A's big day for months. A just LOVES this book called, "Pinkalicious". I thought it would be a perfect theme for her 1st birthday party!! A lot of time went into the theme and how to carry it out. I feel her 1st birthday was a huge success and a ton of fun! All was hand made by myself unless otherwise noted below!
The story is this little girls turns pink after eating all kinds of pink cup cakes and to turn back to normal she has to eat green foods (why there are green and pink food and drinks!).
The drinks were
Pink Lemonade and Green tea along with other soft drinks, beer, wine and sangria!
The food was
Cupcakes, cotton candy, sweedish fish, strawberry waffers, satraberry animal crackers, bubble gum, pink tootsie rolls, jelly bellies, broccoli/veggies, buffalo dip, Gus' pretzle,fruit-watermelon, grapes, strawberries. Then we had salsa and some chips! I think that was about it! I feel like I am missing something tho!

Enjoy the photos!!

A's banner for the party!

PINKALICIOUS came to the party!!

A party would not be complete without a Pinkalicious Cut out made by her Nana!

A's strawberry cup cake!!

This is her Memory book for everyone to write in! I thought this was super cute!!!

DOODLEKINS!!!! These were made by Doodlekins for her party! Doodlekins made the goody bags, address labels and stickers and the back of the invitation for her party!!! They used the cup cake theme to tie into this and A was like the cup cake with a cherry on top!!! I HIGHLY reccomend Doodlekins for any event! They are SO resonable too!!!

The Princess!

Each table had a cup cake photo on it! Then this was the flower centerpiece for the bar!

Her Invitations!

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