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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recycled Women's Sweater into a New Sweater Dress and Leg Warmers for Baby A!

Ok, so once again, I found myself with a lot of extra free time. After the laundry was done, house clean, and babies were finally napping I took it upon myself to do a little R&R.
I bought this Size Small Womans sweater from Goodwill for $3.00. Brand new with tags too. I was bummed it was too short on me-oh well. It is perfect for my baby doll!

Before my transformations

And here are the Leg Warmers

And here is the Dress

Basically this is what I did for the Leg Warmers

Step 1:
Cut off the arms, but make sure to leave some as I did for later.

Step 2:Turn inside out and sew elastic at the top. Then fold over the top of the sweater to cover the elastic and sew closed.
Flip it to the right side out and You have yourself a pair of Leg Warmers!
SUPER EASY, Right?!?!

Now, for the sweater dress.

This was a little more challenging that I thought, but it was not hard.
Step 1: Cut off the sleeves
Step 2: Cut off the bottom to make the skirt part of it
Step 3: Measure how wide you need the dress to be and then cut the sweater to where it should be. Same goes for the skirt too.
Step 4: Sew the cut off part of the skirt. Sew the sides and then the top. As your sewing the top you can opt to gather it to make it a little more like pleaded if you choose.
Step 5: Sew back on the sleeves after you made the adjustments to fit your child.
Step 6: Sew the sides of the dress
Step 7: Sew the last two peices together. The dress and the skirt part. And once you do this you are finished!

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