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Monday, October 17, 2011

Maderia Beach, FL Oct 2001

Now that we are back, I am uploading a few photo's from our fabulous trip we took to the Maderia Beach, FL.
A, just LOVED the beach and she was amazing the whole time. Our day consisted of goint to get breakfast in the morning and then coming back to the condo to hit the beach by 10 AM. We would play for about a hour and A would take 1 1/2 hour nap on the beach in her SPF tent we have. She would wake up from her nap and we would eat lunch on the beach. Then around 4 we would head back inside and she would take another nap. She was FABULOUS!
And she was really good on the plane too. The only issue we had was Ava running back OUT through the security check point when I was getting the items off the belt. She ran to Nick, who was on the other side of the security line....LOL It is pretty funny now than it was that day! ha ha\

Petting the sting ray
Playing on the beach
Just a pretty sunset that I took :)

Ava just hanging on on John's Pass

Such a DIVA!

Mommy and A playing on the beach

Daddy and A watching Winter the Dolphin Swim!

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